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Owning animals is a wonderful experience and they are truly a part of our lives. Nothing makes your day than seeing your furry child greet you at the door, play with you, and be your support system during hard times. Just like us humans, however, your furry child needs proper grooming to stay in top shape.

One nuisance many endure is when to many is allergies, whether grass or flea allergies, flea dermatitis, and even skin fungal issues take over. Now you have tried all topical ointments, shampoos, even some flea medications with no luck.

The Kalaya Emu Oil Pet Shampoo is a wonderful option to try either on top of the topical treatment or alone.  It is a formulated hypoallergenic shampoo made from natural ingredients and aids in moisturizing the dermis and epidermis. This helps in new growth. Unlike other shampoos, the Kalaya Emu Oil contains a detergent soap free base, which helps in less allergies. This shampoo is adequate for dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits making it even more usefully if you own more than one specified.


Kenic Kayala Emu Oil Shampoo

For best results: To keep the skin even softer and moisturized, it is recommended to use Kalaya Emu OIl Spray and Kalaya Emu Oil Cream in addition to the shampoo.


~ Alexandra

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December 20, 2016 9:06 pm

Cats can be difficult, especially around the holidays with that beautiful Christmas tree you just put up. All of a sudden, you see your cat hanging from it or ornaments shattered to bits. The Curved Scat Mat can be solution! Being curved and battery operated, the scat mat will deter your cats from any object that is round, such as Christmas trees or garbage cans. This is a great gift for the cat lover as well. If your cat makes a mess with your possessions over the holidays, present them with the Curved Scat Mat!


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December 6, 2013 6:31 pm

Smaller dogs do not like rain, and being wet causes respiratory infections, colds, and other ailments. Keeping your dogs dry and healthy is key to a happy pet. Rain coats are a must for the smaller breeds and we offer them in Extra small to small.

It is very important to refer to this chart to help you measure your dog. You should be able to measure your dog from the base of his/her neck to the base of the tail to determine what size apparel is fitted for it.


How To Measure Your Dog
Measure from the base of neck to base of tail.
XXS 5″ – 6.5″
XS 6.5″ – 9″
Small 9″ – 11″
Med 11″ – 13.5″
Large 14″ – 17″
XL 17″ – 20″
XXL 20″ – 23″
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November 12, 2013 11:55 am