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I have been interested in bee-keeping since I noticed how my crops were not growing as well as they should. I am located in Florida, and one of the plants I love growing is the Passion Fruit. One year I was really lucky with all the fruit the vine produced, however as each year went by, I noticed that my vines were not fruiting, my orange trees were not producing the amount of fruit it should, and my crops were not producing the vegetables in the best state. This was when I noticed I wasn’t seeing as many honey bees and no pollination was taking place. This is something a farm does not want to happen.

It is very important to realize, that honey bees are very important to our planet as they polinate many of our food crops, creating a source of food for us. Without bees, we would not have as much produce and fruits as we do now.

This is me. I am learning about the bees and different stages.

This is me. I am learning about the bees and different stages. Don’t forget to purchase your veil in advance. You will need it!

Because of the lack of bees in my area, I decided to host a few hundred hives to help the bee-keeper, but also to pollinate some of the crops I had growing as well. Since I had experienced the bees, and learned a lot about them, that does not make me an expert. I am far from it. I am still a beginner, which means when I am ready, I am going to have to start off with what beginners need.

A must for the beginner's collection

A must for the beginner’s collection

As a beginner, I highly recommend the book, Homegrown Honey Bees: A Beginner’s Guide. This guide has everything you need to know from optaining your bees all the way to harvesting your own honey. Nothing is better than growing your own bees and you will be more appreciation over the honey as well! I was so proud to harvest honey from the bees I hosted.

It doesn’t take much to start your honey bee hive. There are several supplies that are a must. I highly recommend getting a veil and suit to prevent getting stung. If you are allergic, please be very careful and suit up well. I am allergic to bees and with the veil and suit, I was able to accomplish bee-keeping! You can too but be careful. The supplies can be pricey and if you build your own hive it can take time. I recommend just going for the kit for starters, you can purchase different supplies or build your own additional hives later. The 10 Frame Beginner Hive Kit has everything you need to get started. The only items you will need to purchase are the bees! Go for the gold and get the kit since all the supplies do add up quickly. It comes with another book in the kit. I would still get the first book I recommended as well.  It is always wise to have more than one source for your bee-keeping adventure.

Homegrown bees are really enjoyable and a delight to have around. I hope others have a wonderful experience as I did!

homegrown honey

This was my first set of honey processed from the bees I hosted.



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