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Candling eggs is such a delight. I remember the first time I got a candler and saw development within. It is such a remarkable experience. Flashlights make wonderful candlers, however they can get too hot. The Cool-Lite Candler is a wonderful inexpensive tool to candle your eggs, such that it does not heat up like a flashlight, yet has that bright glow to see through an egg and watch the development of a chick. Being light weight,  it is easy to move from room to room. If you are a serious hatch-a-holic, you need a candler. The Cool lite is calling your name!

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December 27, 2013 5:36 pm

When hens lay, debris will get on eggs, regardless. Parasites and dirt are in the air, whether visible or not. Washing your eggs for eating could not be easier with the Carefree Enzymes Egg Cleaner. This is the ultimate cleanser for your eggs! Detergents can enter those pores and harm the eggs and you. The Carefree Enzymes Egg Cleaner is an all natural product that is safe and gentle to use. This is a perfect alternative to the commercial product!


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3:50 pm

Chickens can be finicky with where they lay. At times you can provide them with that perfect nest, and they still lay on the ground, in the dirt, or on fecal matter. Providing them with wooden eggs encourages them to lay in the appropriate areas, and lures them in the nest as well. If you have a chicken eating egg issue, the wooden eggs are used to solve that problem as the chicken will not be able to break the wooden egg and eventually give up. Wooden eggs also are wonder for arts and crafts activities! These eggs are the Chicken egg size therefore are perfect for the large fowl chicken. Lure that chicken into that nest with these wooden eggs!



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2:19 pm