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Whether you live in the country or city, your chickens need proper housing. Housing is important for you chickens in order to provide them with safety, comfort, and a place for them to lay their beautiful, scrumptious eggs. The Snap Lock Chickens come in two sizes for you and your chickens to enjoy. They are strong plastic coops that are easy to put together and wash. A healthy chicken is a healthy chicken after all.




 Standard Size Snap Lock


The Standard Size Snap Lock Chick coop holds 4 standard sized chicken or 6 bantams. This coop is the perfect type of set up if you are living in the city! Features include but are not limited to:

  • No tools required! All you need to do is follow simple instructions, snap and lock!
  • The coop is impact resistant, made from a strong plastic and easy to clean
  • Ultraviolet resistant
  • Chemical Resistant- The coop is not made of hard chemicals that would harm you or your chickens!
  • Maintainence Free! Once set up, you will need to clean your coop, but it is made for easy convenience.
  • Removable litter tray for easy cleaning!
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • And….Easy access for egg collection! With three nest boxes for your hens to choose from too!

If you are looking for a simple coop for your backyard for your chickens to enjoy and a coop that makes your yard look fashionable, this coop is for you! To purchase your very own Standard Size Snap Lock Chicken Coop, click here.



Large Size Snap Lock



For those of the chicken-holics like myself, you may need a larger coop! The Large Snap Lock Chicken Chicken coop holds 10 standard size chicken or 14 bantams. It has the same features as the standard size but being larger it holds more birds.  Unlike the Standard coop, containing 3 nest boxes for the hen’s choice to lay, the large size coop accommodates 4 nest boxes! To order the upgrade, click here!



Both of these designs are proudly made in the United States of America!


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June 24, 2014 8:54 am

Chickens can be finicky with where they lay. At times you can provide them with that perfect nest, and they still lay on the ground, in the dirt, or on fecal matter. Providing them with wooden eggs encourages them to lay in the appropriate areas, and lures them in the nest as well. If you have a chicken eating egg issue, the wooden eggs are used to solve that problem as the chicken will not be able to break the wooden egg and eventually give up. Wooden eggs also are wonder for arts and crafts activities! These eggs are the Chicken egg size therefore are perfect for the large fowl chicken. Lure that chicken into that nest with these wooden eggs!



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December 27, 2013 2:19 pm

During the winter time more predators start looking for food closer to homes. Coyotes and bobcats are a nuisance here in Florida during the winter season since they are taking care of their cubs. I hear howling occasionally. Having free range poultry is beneficial for the bird, however, protection is needed as well. The Poultry Net is your option!  Being 48 inches tall, your chickens and geese can be contained. The spacing is made for them. This is a prefabricated fence with 11 electrified horizontals. All you need to do is pick an area you want to contain your animals and set it up! This fence keeps out most predators. As always, do provide your birds with a safe shelter for the evening. Give your poultry the gift of protection this holiday!



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November 20, 2013 6:16 pm