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Cats need stimulation. If left indoors, mayhem can occur if no toys are present for them to interact with. Veterinarians and trainers highly recommend toys as a form of enrichment for your cat.

The Starchaser Turboscratcher provides hours of fun and exercise. With a motion activated LED ball and some catnip, your cat will be stimulated for countless of hours, reducing unwanted behavior to your furniture. The Kit E Quiz is sanitary and easy to wash. Recommended by veterinarians and cat trainers, this game is a fun way of playing hide and seek and keep the cat occupied for hours. Lastly the Cheese Chase is another wonderful game to enrich your cat’s mind. This product has been the winner in the Pet Product News in 2005/2006, chosen by the editors. There is a translucent outer ball that allows the cat to attempt to chase it. With a cheese center and another ball to chase in the center as well, the cat is offered a challenge. There is a plush mouse on a spring that contains catnip to further attract the cat. This is a wonderful product and I have seen it in person!

If you are wondering what to get for your cat to further stimulate its mind or considering that the holidays are coming up around the corner, give your cat the gift of an interactive toy!





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November 19, 2013 11:32 am