The Benefits of Using Pet Gates for your Puppies and Older Dogs

Crate training is one way to help your dog get the habit of potty training easier and have a safe den to sleep in, however for those long days you are not home during the day, the pet gate may be your alternative. Pet gates are recommended for puppies and older dogs. They help you confine them to a safe area of the house while you are not home, and give the dog ample space and area to play and roam.

Restricting Access

By containing your puppy and older dog into a specific area of your house, you are providing your pet with a safe area. If you have some behavior problems, such as eating food off the table, or getting into the garbage, the pet gate is a great way to have the dog still roam yet not conduct that behavior. As for puppies, they tend to be destructive during their younger years and their bladders and bowels are not as strong as the older dog. The Pet gate will keep them in their designated area so they can learn their potty areas, yet at the same time do not chew on your favorite shoes.


Many houses have stairs. The Pet gates can simply protect your pet from tumbling down the stairs and injuring itself or if there is a feud among animals, the pet gate can separate the pets until they calm down. Just like children, multi pet households can have arguments as well. Animals are very intelligent creatures.


There are two basic types of pet gates. Some screw into the doorway and remain mounted there and others are pressure mounted. Knowing your pet and its personality and behavior will help you decide which gate consideration you will want. If you have a stronger breed, you will want a gate that is much stronger and will not fall over when your dog pushes it.  If you have a puppy, you will need to remember that they will chew plastic and wood models. Take in consideration that they may need a model that will better suit them as well.

What types of Gates are there?

If you are in the market for a pet gate, you are in luck! Pampered Pet Supply has many types of gates for your pet. If you have stairs and need an angular pet gate, the Angle Mount Safeway Gate is a great choice. It is perfect for top of stairs applications, which includes walls and staircase balusters that do not line up. The hinges and latch hardware can be mounted on an angle. This gate is heavy duty steel, therefore perfect for the stronger breed dog or for a puppy. The Kidco Gate has a magnet lock technology that automatically draws the door closed, guaranteeing a lock every time! There is no damage to the wall with this gate and it installs quickly. This gate is also made from heavy steal. No tools are needed! This gate works for anywhere around the house in which you want to confine your dogs or puppy to one area. The Auto Close ConfigureGate is a perfect gate for an extra wide or odd shaped area, including the bottom of a stair case. Many of these gates come with extensions in which Pampered Pet Supply Offers.







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