Promoting Healthy Eating Habits… For Dogs!

Just like people, dogs need to eat a healthy diet and maintain good eating habits. But dogs tend to be much different than people. For example, dogs don’t need to eat a sizable meal more than once per day. Often it’s most common for dogs to eat one sizable meal in the morning or evening, and have a small handful of food at different intervals throughout the day.  Dogs that ate three meals a day as people do would become overweight in no time at all.  When selecting a dog food, it’s best to choose organic dog food because of the obvious benefits it provides in terms of better vitamins and minerals and more healthy ingredients.

You can also promote good eating habits by having elevated dog feeders do more than serve to keep the floor a bit cleaner, they also promote healthy digestion in larger dogs.  When dogs crane their necks to the ground while swallowing food, it can cause irregular digestion and even cause them to choke.  If a dog eats their food while their head is level with their body, it promotes better health.

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12:22 am | by Richard Jordan

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