Good-Bye Small Animal Odors!

I used to own Guinea Pigs and Hamsters at one point of my life.  I loved their vocalizations and personalities but the one thing I despised was cleaning after them. Unless you cleaned their cages every waking moment of the day, and believe me I doubt people do that because bedding is expensive, the ammonia from their waste can be bothersome.

Although I did want to keep their cages clean at all times to prevent build up and an increase of strong odors, I also had to consider factors when choosing a bedding.

  • Living in an apartment at the time, the quarters were close and I didn’t want to have a bedding that was extremely dusty or pumped with heavy chemicals. If it isn’t safe for me, it obviously is not safe for for the small critters.
  • I wanted a bedding that was affordable and could last a long time. Many beddings get soiled fast and have to be cleaned more often or just start smelling right away.
  • I wanted to have a bedding that was harmless if ingested by both the animal or if a human accidentally ingested it as well.

All of these factors are important when choosing a bedding but why not just get an additive to extend the life of the bedding? The DooKashi Small Animal Bedding Additive and Odor Eliminator solves all those problems of smells no one wants to endure when raising small animals.  Not only does it eliminate ammonia smells and other unpleasant odors microbially, it is ecofriendly and dust free, making it more tolerable to be around it with less respiratory distress. The materials are made in the U.S.A containing safe ingredients that if ingested will not harm the animal or humans. The best thing about this additive is that it is cost effective. A little goes a long way, eliminating the need to constantly clean the cages and spending more money on bedding!

The DooKashi Small Animal Bedding Additive and Odor Eliminator is non-GMO project verified making it extremely safe for everyone and will not interfere with the animal’s well-being and livelihood. The additive is safe for all small animals including: guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, hedgehogs, ferrets, and any small animal that lives on bedding. It is the simplest things in life that matters. This additive adds that simplicity to life by enjoying your small animal without the worries of odor.

Enjoy your small animal without the odors attached.

Enjoy your small animal without the odors attached.

-Alexandra Douglas

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