It is not just the Incubator that is Important

Incubators should always be used as a tool. Although there are many amazing incubators out there, you should always monitor the temperature and humidity. Failures in temperature and humidity are the main causes for incubation issues. I always recommend using 2 more thermometers and a hygrometer is a must to measure both the temperature and the humidity within.

The Thermometer-Hygrometer-5525 is a dual purpose tool, such that it measures both the temperature and humidity both at a glance. There is a permanent chart that aids you in measuring the temperature and humidity properly. This thermometer and hygrometer is ideal for incubators which have a clear door. The wicks are included and more can be ordered as needed.

If you are looking for a replacement thermometer, Pampered Pet Supply has quite the assortment for you to purchase! 2 thermometers is always a must for the best hatch. Don’t forget that hygrometer!



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11:55 am | by Alexandra Douglas

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