How does a Snaffle Bit Work

If you are learning to ride a horse English or Western, you are probably familiar with Snaffle Bits. If you are unfamiliar with one, on a snaffle bit, the rein will attach directly to the mouthpiece. The Snaffle Bit will act like a nutcracker (if jointed) on the bars of the horse’s mouth. The bars are the area of gum between the front and back teeth and the corners of the tongue. As the rider takes contact with the rein, the horse will feel the pressure and contact and obey the rider. Young and inexperienced horses get introduced to snaffle bits for training purposes and control. A Snaffle Bit is a direct pull bit.

Types of Snaffle Bits

The gentlest type of snaffle bit is the Egg Butt Snaffle. The reason it is so gentle is that it does not pinch the corners of the mouth. The D Ring Snaffle is another type of snaffle bit and is shaped like a “D.” The most common ring syles are the Loose Ring snaffle bits, Eggbutt, and Full Cheek snaffle bits.







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