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The Gentle Leader is designed in such a way to work with your dog’s pack instincts. This helps in communicating better with your dog in way he will immediately understand. Many breeds are notorious for pulling and trying to get ahead of the pack. The pressure that is applied to the nose is similar to an Alpha dog within a pack biting the muzzle to stop the particle dog from the behavior. Please not the Gentle Leader is not a muzzle, rather a tool to aid in training. There are several sizes we offer from a small dog to an extra large dog.

Click here to view a video on how amazing the Gentle Leader is!

gentle leader


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December 27, 2013 6:45 pm


Candling eggs is such a delight. I remember the first time I got a candler and saw development within. It is such a remarkable experience. Flashlights make wonderful candlers, however they can get too hot. The Cool-Lite Candler is a wonderful inexpensive tool to candle your eggs, such that it does not heat up like a flashlight, yet has that bright glow to see through an egg and watch the development of a chick. Being light weight,  it is easy to move from room to room. If you are a serious hatch-a-holic, you need a candler. The Cool lite is calling your name!

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5:36 pm

When hens lay, debris will get on eggs, regardless. Parasites and dirt are in the air, whether visible or not. Washing your eggs for eating could not be easier with the Carefree Enzymes Egg Cleaner. This is the ultimate cleanser for your eggs! Detergents can enter those pores and harm the eggs and you. The Carefree Enzymes Egg Cleaner is an all natural product that is safe and gentle to use. This is a perfect alternative to the commercial product!


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3:50 pm



Egg collecting could not be easier with the Brower Egg Basket. It is made of a heavy wire, suitable for wet and dry weather. There is appropriate air flow for the fast cooling of eggs. The thick plastic coating cushions the eggs, thus reducing breakage! This basket will hold 15 dozen chicken eggs! That’s right, 15 dozen! If you are looking for that perfect basket to hold bunches of eggs, this one is for you!



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3:35 pm

Chickens can be finicky with where they lay. At times you can provide them with that perfect nest, and they still lay on the ground, in the dirt, or on fecal matter. Providing them with wooden eggs encourages them to lay in the appropriate areas, and lures them in the nest as well. If you have a chicken eating egg issue, the wooden eggs are used to solve that problem as the chicken will not be able to break the wooden egg and eventually give up. Wooden eggs also are wonder for arts and crafts activities! These eggs are the Chicken egg size therefore are perfect for the large fowl chicken. Lure that chicken into that nest with these wooden eggs!



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2:19 pm


Do you need to fill your dog’s stocking for Christmas? The Fopper’s Gourmet Dog Treat Bakery presents cute little dog treats made from safe ingredients that you can eat. It is very important to know what goes in that furry friend’s stomach. Let them enjoy the holidays with you with the “Joy to the World” Gourmet Treats Gift Set. The treats are peanut flavored and delightful for your pet’s enjoyment!


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December 16, 2013 7:06 pm


I was traveling to Alabama to get my puppy and a couple goats when I got this amazing book about all the Veterinary products you could ever think of. The Compendium of Veterinary Products should be every library. This book has the complete products listings of veterinary products and their proper use. So few do people get all the information this book contains! There are cross references, charts of biologicals, ingredients and withdrawal times to help you understand the pharmaceuticals your animal may need some point in their life. Published by Adrian J. Bayley, this book is the 12th edition and paperback, containing 1,848 pages for you to enjoy and learn from.



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December 6, 2013 7:03 pm

Cats can be difficult, especially around the holidays with that beautiful Christmas tree you just put up. All of a sudden, you see your cat hanging from it or ornaments shattered to bits. The Curved Scat Mat can be solution! Being curved and battery operated, the scat mat will deter your cats from any object that is round, such as Christmas trees or garbage cans. This is a great gift for the cat lover as well. If your cat makes a mess with your possessions over the holidays, present them with the Curved Scat Mat!


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6:31 pm

During the Thanksgiving holiday, I got the privilege spending time with my significant other’s niece who is 4 years old. This little girl is the brightest and smartest child I have been around with yet. She of course wanted to play, and I did so. We did not have baby dolls, therefore we resorted to playing with puzzles. She was very animate and concentrated really hard to put all the pieces together. She told me a story with each puzzle we put together, as she cannot read quite yet.

Share the holiday spirit by getting your loved one a great stocking stuffer or side item: the gift of a puzzle. Pampered Pet Supply has a cute assortment of farm puzzles. Each puzzle is set up for ages 9 and up. They are 500 pieces so a family could enjoy an evening together or do what I did, one on one with a little girl. There is fun for everyone!

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December 5, 2013 6:02 pm

Are you a Duck Dynasty fan? If so, your pet needs to be a fan too! The Duck Dynasty Softies Pillow Beds are wonderful gifts for the holidays and your dog will love them as well. They come in 4 colors based on the Duck Dynasty character: Blue for Willie, Brown for Phil, Maroon for Jase, and Orange for Si. Don’t miss out on a wonderful pillow your pet will enjoy in comfort.


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4:36 pm