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Here in Florida, despite what season it is, ants are everywhere. If you are in the South, you are dealing with fire ants, if you are in the central area of Florida, you are dealing with Bull ants or even Carpenter ants. Animals do not like to mess with these pests. Ants get everywhere, the food dishes, especially. By providing your pet with the Ant Free Bowl, it ensures that ants will not be able to reach the pet food. If you are on the run, you will not need to worry about changing out the food either, as the food will be fresher without those pesky ants tainting it.



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November 22, 2013 4:48 pm

Crate training is one way to help your dog get the habit of potty training easier and have a safe den to sleep in, however for those long days you are not home during the day, the pet gate may be your alternative. Pet gates are recommended for puppies and older dogs. They help you confine them to a safe area of the house while you are not home, and give the dog ample space and area to play and roam.

Restricting Access

By containing your puppy and older dog into a specific area of your house, you are providing your pet with a safe area. If you have some behavior problems, such as eating food off the table, or getting into the garbage, the pet gate is a great way to have the dog still roam yet not conduct that behavior. As for puppies, they tend to be destructive during their younger years and their bladders and bowels are not as strong as the older dog. The Pet gate will keep them in their designated area so they can learn their potty areas, yet at the same time do not chew on your favorite shoes.


Many houses have stairs. The Pet gates can simply protect your pet from tumbling down the stairs and injuring itself or if there is a feud among animals, the pet gate can separate the pets until they calm down. Just like children, multi pet households can have arguments as well. Animals are very intelligent creatures.


There are two basic types of pet gates. Some screw into the doorway and remain mounted there and others are pressure mounted. Knowing your pet and its personality and behavior will help you decide which gate consideration you will want. If you have a stronger breed, you will want a gate that is much stronger and will not fall over when your dog pushes it.  If you have a puppy, you will need to remember that they will chew plastic and wood models. Take in consideration that they may need a model that will better suit them as well.

What types of Gates are there?

If you are in the market for a pet gate, you are in luck! Pampered Pet Supply has many types of gates for your pet. If you have stairs and need an angular pet gate, the Angle Mount Safeway Gate is a great choice. It is perfect for top of stairs applications, which includes walls and staircase balusters that do not line up. The hinges and latch hardware can be mounted on an angle. This gate is heavy duty steel, therefore perfect for the stronger breed dog or for a puppy. The Kidco Gate has a magnet lock technology that automatically draws the door closed, guaranteeing a lock every time! There is no damage to the wall with this gate and it installs quickly. This gate is also made from heavy steal. No tools are needed! This gate works for anywhere around the house in which you want to confine your dogs or puppy to one area. The Auto Close ConfigureGate is a perfect gate for an extra wide or odd shaped area, including the bottom of a stair case. Many of these gates come with extensions in which Pampered Pet Supply Offers.







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November 21, 2013 1:50 pm

During the winter time more predators start looking for food closer to homes. Coyotes and bobcats are a nuisance here in Florida during the winter season since they are taking care of their cubs. I hear howling occasionally. Having free range poultry is beneficial for the bird, however, protection is needed as well. The Poultry Net is your option!  Being 48 inches tall, your chickens and geese can be contained. The spacing is made for them. This is a prefabricated fence with 11 electrified horizontals. All you need to do is pick an area you want to contain your animals and set it up! This fence keeps out most predators. As always, do provide your birds with a safe shelter for the evening. Give your poultry the gift of protection this holiday!



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November 20, 2013 6:16 pm

Living in Florida, I get a couple freezes a year, however my pipes rarely have frozen. Living up north or where it does snow, one needs to take extra measures in order to get water to their animals. The Heated Plastic 1 Quart Pet bowl is perfect for poultry, dogs, and some livestock.  There are larger sizes of these bowls too. One can purchase the 1.5 gallon Pet bowl which will hold more water and works for larger animals. You do not necessarily need a bowl, though. Pampered Pet Supply offers the Heat Fountain Heater, in which any waterer can be placed on it to be heated. With a built in thermostat  and a six foot cord with chew protector, your pet or livestock will stay hydrated during the cold weather and your mind will be at ease.



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November 19, 2013 12:06 pm

Cats need stimulation. If left indoors, mayhem can occur if no toys are present for them to interact with. Veterinarians and trainers highly recommend toys as a form of enrichment for your cat.

The Starchaser Turboscratcher provides hours of fun and exercise. With a motion activated LED ball and some catnip, your cat will be stimulated for countless of hours, reducing unwanted behavior to your furniture. The Kit E Quiz is sanitary and easy to wash. Recommended by veterinarians and cat trainers, this game is a fun way of playing hide and seek and keep the cat occupied for hours. Lastly the Cheese Chase is another wonderful game to enrich your cat’s mind. This product has been the winner in the Pet Product News in 2005/2006, chosen by the editors. There is a translucent outer ball that allows the cat to attempt to chase it. With a cheese center and another ball to chase in the center as well, the cat is offered a challenge. There is a plush mouse on a spring that contains catnip to further attract the cat. This is a wonderful product and I have seen it in person!

If you are wondering what to get for your cat to further stimulate its mind or considering that the holidays are coming up around the corner, give your cat the gift of an interactive toy!





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11:32 am

There are many types of farmers and each have their own goal and agenda. I used to live on a farm that had minimal power outlets or power surges. This resulted in me finding an electrical fence that would help my animals stay protected, but also be friendly to that electrical bill.

Pampered Pet Supply has all the equipment and supplies you need to electrify a chicken coop or make a fence predator proof. The poles, clips, and wire are offered in many options. I find that the most important unit to the fence is the charger. There are many brands and options to choose from and two types: Solar or non Solar. What is solar? Is the ability to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. Solar chargers are nice to own, and many do go by them.  The Parmak Solar-Pak 12 is  a solar powered fence charger that ranges up to 30 miles but also operates up to 14 days without sunlight. The Patriot  SolarGuard 155 Fence Charger is very sturdy and has a strong aluminum frame for all weather types and moisture control. This charger is portable but can be put on a T-post as well. With this charger, you can get 14 days of power with no sunlight. From personal experience, I owned an S20 Solar Energizer for 3 years. This was by far the best solar charger I owned until I expanded my farm. This charger is 12 volts and powers up to 14 acres. It is portable but I had it on a T-post.

If you are looking for regular chargers, Parmek offers the Range Master, which covers 100 miles of fence. It is the most technically advanced Parmek fence charger. Patriot offers several varieties of fence chargers. The P10 Dual Purpose Fence Charger charges up to 30 miles, the P20 charges up to 50 miles, and the P30 charges up to 65 miles. If you are looking for only a small area to electrify, Patriot offers the P5 Dual Purpose Fence Charger covers around 15 miles.

Your animals are important, and knowing the variety of equipment is important as well. There is a fence charger for everyone, after all.


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November 18, 2013 5:01 pm

When you have poultry or livestock, predators get attracted to their scent. It is inevitable that you will notice some sort of predator in your area, whether snakes, rats, owls, opossums, or bears. Depending on your location, you will need to protect your animals differently than someone in another region.

If you are looking for fences, the Electro Net is a prefabricated fence that is perfect for sheep or goats, however it can protect those critters from predators such as coyotes and dogs. It is 35″ fall and comes with posts. All you need to do is unroll and set it up! Many farmers like to build their own fences and Pampered Pet Supply offers all the supplies you need to achieve that.

The Original Nite Guard Solar is another option or even an add on to prevent those night time predators to enter. This device has been scientifically proven to repel all night predators. When the sun goes down, a red light flashes which recreates the fear in which an animal is being watched, thus preventing it from entering the areas. This device is best when more than one is purchased and works for poultry, sheep, goats, and cattle.

As always, provide safe shelter for your animals on top of any equipment. Products only aid in predator prevention, but it is your responsibility to do the rest.


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4:29 pm

Some dogs are difficult to train and clicker training may not be an option. Sometimes a bad behavior needs to be stopped immediately. The PetSafe Remote trainers are light weight receivers. You can train a small dog or large dog depending on which receiver you choose in the option bar. This receiver allows you to train your dogs at home or at the park up to 100 yards away! There are 10 levels of correction, which is the shocking part. If you do not want to use the the shock, you can train by the tone only stimulation. The hand held transmitter is weather resistant letting you to train your dogs in all weather conditions!



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November 16, 2013 5:23 pm

Is your pet on a diet, need to be fed at certain times, or does not know it’s food limit? If you could answer any of those three questions, the Portion Control Le Bistro Feeder may be your choice. It is an automatic feeder that is digital and disperses food at your own comfort. It handles a large range of dry foods but does not do well with moisture. It is programmable like a coffee maker. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Portion Control Le Bistro Feeder. It is less messy than measuring out your pet’s feeds and daily rations. Let the feeder do it for you!

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November 15, 2013 6:04 pm

Igloos are meant for insulation in winter for humans. They are homes that were built of ice. The dogloo looks like an igloo but it is much much more! It keeps stable temperatures in hot and cold climates. It is the perfect dog house for any climate. If you have a large dog , the dogloo is the doghouse for you!  The dogloo is a popular igloo design that provides extra room and promotes warm air circulation. It is a strong and durable plastic house that is made from structural foam. Your pet will be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The material is nonporous therefore it prevents those pesky fleas to nest even! The dogloo is easy to clean and is a wind resistant design. All you need is a screw driver. Don’t miss out on the perfect house for your furry friend.



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5:50 pm