Using a Cattle Prod Effectively and Properly

A cattle prod has many negative connotations towards it, as it is a shock tool used on animals. Ranchers use this tool to effectively move cattle into and through handling facilities and onto trucks. This prod is a tool to help the rancher ease a one way efficient direction with his/her cattle, not to torture them. The tool is designed to assist the handler to start the cattle moving in the required direction.

Manufacturers have made prods with high/low selector switches. For smaller animals, the low charge is used. Cattle have very thick skin, therefore  a higher switch is used. The contact points are used on the real flank or upper rear leg of the animal. You just need to press the lower button and release it.

In order to use the Cattle prod effectively and properly, you need a charger, and a shaft. There are a few kinds of  chargers. The Orange 150 Stock Prod  is light weight and works on wet or dry animals. This is a product by Gallager and the Flexible polycarbonate shaft works wonderfully with it. The brand “Hot shot” makes interchangeable shafts that go with the Hot Shot DuraProd handle, The Green One, or the Red Handle.






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3:54 pm | by Alexandra Douglas

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