The Allflex RS320 Series Bluetooth- New Innovation for your Cattle


It is important to have information on your cattle and to let your packers and retailers know everything they need to know. Alflex sets the standard with their innovative technology.

“Allflex┬« sets the industry standard for EID with millions of cattle identified since 1995. Capture info about your cattle for your own use, or to integrate with larger databases for branded beef programs, supply chain agreements or BQA programs. Be ready when packers or retailers want info about your cattle now or down the road. ISO Compliance means Allflex┬« EID technology meets stringent international standards. Use of Radio Frequency Identification (EID) has gained worldwide momentum. Unique identification numbers are stored in the EID tag to be retrieved by a reading device (antenna). Birth weight, date, sire, dam, health records and other info is stored in manual or electric databases to become the backbone for management decisions, genetic selection and BQA participation.”

The Alflex RS320 Series Bluetooth is a kit that contains a 60 cm stick reader. This reader has bluetooth technology that is compliant with ISO and can read Cattle Ear Tags. If you are serious about Cattle, this is a must have! The pro kit comes with everything you need, including the downloading software. You will be able to get pedigrees, health records, and any info you would like to store, to better ease your cattle business and gain trust with your fellow business partners.




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1:31 pm | by Alexandra Douglas

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