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Storing feed is frustrating at times. Feed attracts vermin when bags are open, animals can get in, your own pets can even get into the bag and cause a mess! Feed is not as fresh if open and a container is needed to store them to ensure that they are palatable and safe to your animals. Moisture and mold is a huge problem in feed and storage containers can help! There are many types of storage containers. The Aut-O Dine 25 Feeder is easy loading and a combination feeder that can hold up to 25 pounds of dry dog food. This feeder can be mounted on a wall or fence for space efficiency. This feeder could also be used for other animals, such as cats, poultry, and goats. The Stack-N-Store Stackable Storage Bin is highly recommended if you have multiply species and breeds of animals, different diets, or even mixtures of feeds. This storage bin has multiple uses and are latchable. They keep food fresh and dry. The Storage Dispenser 30 is a fresh and efficient way to store and dispense your pet food. It is made from a very durable plastic and can be easily removed from a wall to refill. It will hold around 25-30 pounds of dry dog food, but this may change depending on the type of food you are storing. All you need to do is squeeze the handle for the exact amount of feed you need, and the food will dispense.





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November 22, 2013 5:41 pm

Here in Florida, despite what season it is, ants are everywhere. If you are in the South, you are dealing with fire ants, if you are in the central area of Florida, you are dealing with Bull ants or even Carpenter ants. Animals do not like to mess with these pests. Ants get everywhere, the food dishes, especially. By providing your pet with the Ant Free Bowl, it ensures that ants will not be able to reach the pet food. If you are on the run, you will not need to worry about changing out the food either, as the food will be fresher without those pesky ants tainting it.



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4:48 pm

Living in Florida, I get a couple freezes a year, however my pipes rarely have frozen. Living up north or where it does snow, one needs to take extra measures in order to get water to their animals. The Heated Plastic 1 Quart Pet bowl is perfect for poultry, dogs, and some livestock.  There are larger sizes of these bowls too. One can purchase the 1.5 gallon Pet bowl which will hold more water and works for larger animals. You do not necessarily need a bowl, though. Pampered Pet Supply offers the Heat Fountain Heater, in which any waterer can be placed on it to be heated. With a built in thermostat  and a six foot cord with chew protector, your pet or livestock will stay hydrated during the cold weather and your mind will be at ease.



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November 19, 2013 12:06 pm

Is your pet on a diet, need to be fed at certain times, or does not know it’s food limit? If you could answer any of those three questions, the Portion Control Le Bistro Feeder may be your choice. It is an automatic feeder that is digital and disperses food at your own comfort. It handles a large range of dry foods but does not do well with moisture. It is programmable like a coffee maker. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Portion Control Le Bistro Feeder. It is less messy than measuring out your pet’s feeds and daily rations. Let the feeder do it for you!

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November 15, 2013 6:04 pm

Cats need bling too! They are habitual creatures but also hunters. They like to be indoors or out. Having a reflective collar is important since it will help you locate them better. There are many types of collars available that will be of use for that cat. Since cats are climbers, the breakaway collars are recommended to avoid the cat from getting stuck to the trees or toys. The Adjustable Reflective Strip Collars for cats are perfect for those hunters and climbers that like that nightly action. The Lazer Brite Reflective Cat Collar can be seen up to 600 ft and also is a breakaway collar. Knowing where your pet is at night is important but having that extra assurance with a reflective collar helps you go to bed at ease knowing your cat is where it should be.

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5:32 pm

Providing fresh water to your animals is very important as it reduces bacteria buildup of stale water and provides your animals with a healthier atmosphere. A healthy pet is a happy pet after all. Drinkwell provides two products that exemplifies water drinking to the next level The Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain is an easy to clean automatic waterer for your dogs or cats. It has five interchangeable spouts to provide a stream as well as the bowl of water itself. It is a nice advancement to the practical water dish. If you are at work or away from home for long periods of time, this product will soothe your mind as you will know that your animals have plenty of water throughout the day.

If you have a larger dog, the Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain may be the perfect choice for you. It is able to hold 2 gallons of fresh water. This advancement is wonderful as your dog is able to get fresh water throughout the day and it is cold water as well. You will not need to worry about changing that saliva bound water dish every hour as this fountain will continue to filter water to provide your dog with the best.

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November 11, 2013 5:02 pm

Some dogs are independent and it gets tiresome letting them out to do their business. The scratching on the door gets troublesome when they are wanting out. A solution to that is the Staywell Pet Doors. With three sizes to choose from, you can add them to your door or wall and let your dog do the rest! This door is perfect for cats too. Let your pet adventure the outdoors without you worrying if there is an accident in the house or a nick on the door. Let the Staywell Pet Door take care of your needs.

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November 7, 2013 4:52 pm

I work in furniture sales and often hear people talk about how they are unsure about buying anything new since they own cats. There is a fear that a cat’s sharp claws will destroy any new item they buy. I also own cats, five in fact, and have learned a few tricks that can help protect your new furniture from any destructive shredding.

The key to this is new furniture. If your cats have already scratched on your sofa with no negative consequences, they will be hard to retrain. And in a way, we are training them. They will learn what they can and can’t do and once they know they can get away with something, you will have a hard time undoing that. When you buy something new, however, you have another window. They may know they can scratch on the old sofa, but that knowledge will not automatically pass to the new one. Before you buy your new sofa there is a few things you need to do:

1. Buy a cat climber. (Those fancy tower things covered in carpet.)

2. Get the Ssscat cat training aid. You will want two of these and some extra refills.

3. Get an X Mat. You will also want 2-4 of these.

4. A cat climber. The taller the better. If you have more than one cat, you will need two. If you have four cats or more, you will need three. Cats will not always get along, so if one cat is ‘King’ of the only cat climber in the home, you will find your other cat on the sofa you are trying to protect. You will also have greater success if your cat climbers are tall. Cats like tall places, so the taller your cat climber is, the better the chance they will use it and leave your sofa alone.

5. Catnip.

6. Spray bottle full of water. If there is two people in the home, get two of these.

7. Your cat’s favorite treats.

Your job is to make the cats desire to hang out and scratch on their new cat climbers. Put each cat climber near a window in an area that will not be too close to the new sofa. Do this at least a week before you get your new furniture. Spray or rub the cat climbers with the catnip. Anytime you see your cats on their new cat climbers, give them treats. Do not scold them at all in the area of the towers. You do not want them to have any negative reinforcement near them.

Now get your sofa delivered. You need to already have the Ssscat’s and X mats in the home when it is delivered. Your cats cannot have any good experiences on your sofa. This sofa is “Off Limits”! If you like to snuggle with your cats, no worries, for now, just do not let them near it. Place one Ssscat on the floor near the side of the sofa. These are motion sensitive, so only leave them on when you are not in the room or are not home. It will spray when you come near too and you will deplete your air canister. Always place the X mats on the backs of the sofa and arms. When you are in the room or sitting on the sofa, spray the cats if they come near it. You will still be giving them treats on the cat climbers so your cats will understand you still love them, but that new sofa is a BAD PLACE. You will want to be consistent with this for several weeks. If you lapse, your cats might claim the sofa and scratch on it. If they can be taught that the cat climbers are good and the sofa is bad, you will not have any issues.

Now you can remove the ssscat and x mats, but keep the spray bottles. After a while your cats will still come and hang out with you, but if you see them starting to scratch you will want to spray them to remind them that the sofa is off limits. You can encourage them by putting new catnip on the climbers at least once a month.

So enjoy your new sofa and enjoy your cats at the same time!

By Danielle Oudenhoven

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September 9, 2013 12:13 pm