I have owned chickens for quite some time.  I remember getting my first chicken. I got three chickens from the feed store. I envisioned hanging out with the chickens every day but chores came ahead of time.  One never realizes how much work is put into caring for one chicken. Keeping them fed, watered with fresh clean water, and creating a shelter safe from environment and predators takes time and effort.

What really helped me with efficiency is adding an automatic watering system for the birds. The Little Giant Automatic Poultry Waterer is an automatic watering system which doesn’t need any additional water hookups.

This poultry waterer is made out of strong polyethylene making it dent proof. The waterer is rust proof and easy to fill.  Due to its vacuum-sealed cap, it creates an automatic flow of water. There is a handle on the waterer  to make transporting easier. Of course, the larger waterer you get, it will be heavier due to the amount water it holds, so please make note of that.

7 gallon Poultry Waterer


Pampered Pet Poultry Supplies offer these efficient poultry waterers in three sizes: 3, 5, and 7 gallons. It is a must for anyone who owns chickens and poultry and who wants to enjoy their birds with less work to do.



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Owning animals is a wonderful experience and they are truly a part of our lives. Nothing makes your day than seeing your furry child greet you at the door, play with you, and be your support system during hard times. Just like us humans, however, your furry child needs proper grooming to stay in top shape.

One nuisance many endure is when to many is allergies, whether grass or flea allergies, flea dermatitis, and even skin fungal issues take over. Now you have tried all topical ointments, shampoos, even some flea medications with no luck.

The Kalaya Emu Oil Pet Shampoo is a wonderful option to try either on top of the topical treatment or alone.  It is a formulated hypoallergenic shampoo made from natural ingredients and aids in moisturizing the dermis and epidermis. This helps in new growth. Unlike other shampoos, the Kalaya Emu Oil contains a detergent soap free base, which helps in less allergies. This shampoo is adequate for dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits making it even more usefully if you own more than one specified.


Kenic Kayala Emu Oil Shampoo

For best results: To keep the skin even softer and moisturized, it is recommended to use Kalaya Emu OIl Spray and Kalaya Emu Oil Cream in addition to the shampoo.


~ Alexandra

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Parrots make wonderful companions however do need lots of time and effort to keep their minds working. without entertainment, parrots can pluck and exhibit unwanted behaviors. Like us, they do get bored. As an owner to 7 parrots myself,  ranging from Conure to Macaw, it is very important to provide them a proper diet but also lots of enrichment.

One of the breeds of parrot I own is a Mollucan Cockatoo. She alone requires about 6 hours of enrichment to keep her happy and occupied.

One of the breeds of parrot I own is a Mollucan Cockatoo. She alone requires about 6 hours of enrichment to keep her happy and occupied.


Zupreem Pure Fun Bird Food is intended for larger birds, such as Macaws, Amazons, and Cockatoos. It contains a balanced blend of seeds with colorful fruit flavored pellets, enriched with vitamins and minerals to keep a healthy diet for your bird. It also contains vegetables and fruit to help excite your bird, but more importantly enrich the bird. By creating enrichment for your parrot, it creates a more meaningful, substantial, or rewarding life for your companion. The Pure Fun bird food aids in that enrichment- it is the bird food that creates excitment over supper.

Zupreem Pure Fun Bird food- perfect for those birds that like a little bit of entertainment with their supper.

Zupreem Pure Fun Bird food- perfect for those birds that like a little bit of entertainment with their supper.





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I have been interested in bee-keeping since I noticed how my crops were not growing as well as they should. I am located in Florida, and one of the plants I love growing is the Passion Fruit. One year I was really lucky with all the fruit the vine produced, however as each year went by, I noticed that my vines were not fruiting, my orange trees were not producing the amount of fruit it should, and my crops were not producing the vegetables in the best state. This was when I noticed I wasn’t seeing as many honey bees and no pollination was taking place. This is something a farm does not want to happen.

It is very important to realize, that honey bees are very important to our planet as they polinate many of our food crops, creating a source of food for us. Without bees, we would not have as much produce and fruits as we do now.

This is me. I am learning about the bees and different stages.

This is me. I am learning about the bees and different stages. Don’t forget to purchase your veil in advance. You will need it!

Because of the lack of bees in my area, I decided to host a few hundred hives to help the bee-keeper, but also to pollinate some of the crops I had growing as well. Since I had experienced the bees, and learned a lot about them, that does not make me an expert. I am far from it. I am still a beginner, which means when I am ready, I am going to have to start off with what beginners need.

A must for the beginner's collection

A must for the beginner’s collection

As a beginner, I highly recommend the book, Homegrown Honey Bees: A Beginner’s Guide. This guide has everything you need to know from optaining your bees all the way to harvesting your own honey. Nothing is better than growing your own bees and you will be more appreciation over the honey as well! I was so proud to harvest honey from the bees I hosted.

It doesn’t take much to start your honey bee hive. There are several supplies that are a must. I highly recommend getting a veil and suit to prevent getting stung. If you are allergic, please be very careful and suit up well. I am allergic to bees and with the veil and suit, I was able to accomplish bee-keeping! You can too but be careful. The supplies can be pricey and if you build your own hive it can take time. I recommend just going for the kit for starters, you can purchase different supplies or build your own additional hives later. The 10 Frame Beginner Hive Kit has everything you need to get started. The only items you will need to purchase are the bees! Go for the gold and get the kit since all the supplies do add up quickly. It comes with another book in the kit. I would still get the first book I recommended as well.  It is always wise to have more than one source for your bee-keeping adventure.

Homegrown bees are really enjoyable and a delight to have around. I hope others have a wonderful experience as I did!

homegrown honey

This was my first set of honey processed from the bees I hosted.



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I used to own Guinea Pigs and Hamsters at one point of my life.  I loved their vocalizations and personalities but the one thing I despised was cleaning after them. Unless you cleaned their cages every waking moment of the day, and believe me I doubt people do that because bedding is expensive, the ammonia from their waste can be bothersome.

Although I did want to keep their cages clean at all times to prevent build up and an increase of strong odors, I also had to consider factors when choosing a bedding.

  • Living in an apartment at the time, the quarters were close and I didn’t want to have a bedding that was extremely dusty or pumped with heavy chemicals. If it isn’t safe for me, it obviously is not safe for for the small critters.
  • I wanted a bedding that was affordable and could last a long time. Many beddings get soiled fast and have to be cleaned more often or just start smelling right away.
  • I wanted to have a bedding that was harmless if ingested by both the animal or if a human accidentally ingested it as well.

All of these factors are important when choosing a bedding but why not just get an additive to extend the life of the bedding? The DooKashi Small Animal Bedding Additive and Odor Eliminator solves all those problems of smells no one wants to endure when raising small animals.  Not only does it eliminate ammonia smells and other unpleasant odors microbially, it is ecofriendly and dust free, making it more tolerable to be around it with less respiratory distress. The materials are made in the U.S.A containing safe ingredients that if ingested will not harm the animal or humans. The best thing about this additive is that it is cost effective. A little goes a long way, eliminating the need to constantly clean the cages and spending more money on bedding!

The DooKashi Small Animal Bedding Additive and Odor Eliminator is non-GMO project verified making it extremely safe for everyone and will not interfere with the animal’s well-being and livelihood. The additive is safe for all small animals including: guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, hedgehogs, ferrets, and any small animal that lives on bedding. It is the simplest things in life that matters. This additive adds that simplicity to life by enjoying your small animal without the worries of odor.

Enjoy your small animal without the odors attached.

Enjoy your small animal without the odors attached.

-Alexandra Douglas

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Whether you live in the country or city, your chickens need proper housing. Housing is important for you chickens in order to provide them with safety, comfort, and a place for them to lay their beautiful, scrumptious eggs. The Snap Lock Chickens come in two sizes for you and your chickens to enjoy. They are strong plastic coops that are easy to put together and wash. A healthy chicken is a healthy chicken after all.




 Standard Size Snap Lock


The Standard Size Snap Lock Chick coop holds 4 standard sized chicken or 6 bantams. This coop is the perfect type of set up if you are living in the city! Features include but are not limited to:

  • No tools required! All you need to do is follow simple instructions, snap and lock!
  • The coop is impact resistant, made from a strong plastic and easy to clean
  • Ultraviolet resistant
  • Chemical Resistant- The coop is not made of hard chemicals that would harm you or your chickens!
  • Maintainence Free! Once set up, you will need to clean your coop, but it is made for easy convenience.
  • Removable litter tray for easy cleaning!
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • And….Easy access for egg collection! With three nest boxes for your hens to choose from too!

If you are looking for a simple coop for your backyard for your chickens to enjoy and a coop that makes your yard look fashionable, this coop is for you! To purchase your very own Standard Size Snap Lock Chicken Coop, click here.



Large Size Snap Lock



For those of the chicken-holics like myself, you may need a larger coop! The Large Snap Lock Chicken Chicken coop holds 10 standard size chicken or 14 bantams. It has the same features as the standard size but being larger it holds more birds.  Unlike the Standard coop, containing 3 nest boxes for the hen’s choice to lay, the large size coop accommodates 4 nest boxes! To order the upgrade, click here!



Both of these designs are proudly made in the United States of America!


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Posted by Alexandra Douglas


10330289_844062332275267_391202025687725018_nPuppies are great, but you need to prepare for one or you will end up having a mess, or worse, become overwhelmed. Thousands of puppies and dogs are in the shelter today because their owners either did not prepare for them probably, purchased the puppy out of a whim, or did not expect such a responsibility. Puppies are like children, they need constant supervision, obedience, and tender loving care. In return, you have a friend for life. Don’t fret, however, if you follow these guidelines, you will be a responsible  puppy parent.


Before the Big Day

Whether you have chosen the dog breed you want from the local ad in the newspaper or  you have found a shelter puppy that needs a home, you will be needing to prepare your home for it prior to your puppy’s arrival.

Travel Crates or a Soft Sided Carrier

When I picked up my German Shepherd, he was 6 weeks old. Although they are cute and cuddly and you want them to feel safe, nothing is safer than their travel crate. Depending on the breed, you may need a heavy duty crate. In other situations, a soft travel carrier will do well. Our German Shepherd fell asleep on a towel in the back seat due to traveling from Alabama from Florida but on every trip, he goes into his travel crate now because that is his safe zone. It is the owner’s preference whether they want to crate their new puppy and some puppies are so small they can fit on your lap.

Leash, collar or Harness

With leashes, collars, or harnesses, always expect to replace them as your puppy grows. Once you know your puppy’s name, you can get it a tag and put it on its very first collar. It is important to have the puppy used to wearing its tags and collar and walking on a leash, as it will help with obedience throughout his/her lifetime.

Food and Water Bowls

Because puppies are messy, making sure you get sturdy, size appropriate, and easy to clean food and water dishes, is very important. I found that getting a few water and food dishes was helpful, just in case I was traveling with my puppy. There are travel dishes that are extremely useful for times like that. They were collapsible, making it easy to store when not in use. There are many bowls to choose from. I liked the ones that were heavy since German Shepherds like to play with their bowls.


Regarding food, it is recommended to ask the breeder you got your puppy from or your shelter if you are adopting, what type and brand of food your puppy was eating. You will want to continue the regime and wean the puppy off it if you want to switch the food so no tummy gets upset. Puppies are very sensitive to feed changes so weaning slowly is important.

Crate for the Home

I found that crate training was the best way to teach my puppy fast with potty training. He also goes to his crate (with the door open) to bed by himself at night. The crate is a safe place for the dog and not used for punishment. If you decide to use a crate for the home, make sure you have one handy when you bring your new arrival home.


Every dog needs his own bed to call his own. The bed should be soft and washable.

Piddle Pads and Newspapers

Your new puppy will not have a strong bladder. If you are planning to train him/her to pads, you will need some absorbent products. Newspapers get messy. Piddle pads may be your best option.


Just like children, puppies need toys to keep them occupied. Puppies are going to teeth when they lose their puppy teeth (and lose that adorable puppy breath). Kong toys, or strong rubber items will be a great toy to have around.


Puppies are a joy to have around. You really do not need much to keep them happy. If you are around, you will be their number one friend, however these guidelines will keep you and your puppy in place. Enjoy your new addition and take lots of photos. They grow so fast!

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Posted by Alexandra Douglas

Raising goats is fun and enjoyable. The FFA-How to Raise Goats is an educational book for the beginner on raising goats. Expert Goat breeder Carol A. Amundson teaches the beginner with easy to follow tips in order to help you:

  • Choose the right breed of goat for your needs
  • Evaluate and purchase goats
  • House and feed your herd
  • Keep your herd healthy
  • Breed goats and birth kids
  • Show goats at fair or club events
  • Market goats and their products

If you are looking for expert hands on advice on all aspects of goat keeping, The FFA-How to Raise Goats, is the book for you!



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With the weather warming up and the grass starting to grow, I am getting ready to free range my flocks again. It cuts down on feed costs and keeps my yard bug free. There is a problem though. I have dogs. I do not want my chickens to stray too far and I also need to find a way to keep my dogs out. Normal fences will not work for this, as the birds can fly and the dogs can jump. Parmak or Zareba electric fences are a perfect solution to this!

Parmak is a leader in electric fencing and has been in business since the 1920’s while Zareba systems has been in the industry since the 1940’s. The best part is they are both 100% American made. They make many different kinds of wire and chargers. Using lightweight step in posts will allow you to move the fence as you range your birds and will also discourage predators.

Rotating forage areas will improve the quality of your pasture and will prevent over grazing. By moving your poultry often you will also allow the bugs to repopulate and when you move the flocks back you will have a good source of protein waiting for them. There are many different ways to do this depending on if you have a movable coop or not. If your coop is not movable, you can rotate your birds around the coop itself in a clockwise fashion. If you are unable to rotate around your coop you can use electric fencing to make a corridor for the birds to walk through to the new grazing area.

While electric fences are a good way to keep your birds in and to deter dogs, you cannot rely on them to protect your flock. Roller bars on a traditional fence will also help. These provide a rolling bar at the top of the fence which will stop any animals from trying to climb over. The complement to this is to bury wire at the bottom of the fence. Never use chicken wire for this as it is unable to stop predators. Hardwire cloth or cattle fencing buried facing out from your birds will stop digging predators. As they try to dig under they will find the wire. Make sure to secure this to your actual fence or they dogs will be able to dig between the two.

Although not foolproof, using Partak  or Zareba fences along with traditional fences with roller bars and underground wire, will prevent most canine predators from reaching your flock as well as allowing your flock to have a continual supply of fresh forage.

– Danielle Oudenhoven


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Posted by Richard Jordan

Spring is almost here (or at least that is what we hope) and it will be time to hit the road! Vacations with pets can be stressful. Knowing some simple hints and helpful products can make a road trip with your dog fun.

Not all dogs are born travelers. Most of mine love to jump in the car, but a one gets car sick. It is always best to put your dog in an appropriately sized kennel while you are traveling since dog seat belts have been shown to cause severe injuries and a loose dog can cause distracted driving. If your dog gets car sick like mine, you can try adding a kennel fan. These fans can operate on batteries or can be plugged into your cars cigarette plug. The cool air will help your dog feel better in the car. Herbal remedies for anxiety will also help alleviate some symptoms and  can be given before your trip starts and also during your trip.

Staying hydrated on a road trip is important for you and your dog. There are many different travel water containers for dogs. While there are water bowls that can attach your dog’s kennel, however these can spill. It is best to select a bowl that has a no slip design and weighted base. A way to secure it to the kennel and easily remove it are key. If you are planning to go camping, look for one that will also prevent ants from getting into the bowl. Several bowls will also have a freezing insert that will be good for a hot weather and you can buy extras and keep them in the cooler in the car.  Food bowls are just as important, as is food storage.

Like your water bowl you will want your food bowl to have a weight base for use in the car and to have a way to keep ants out. Storing your pet’s food can be hard. You will want to keep it safe from bears and your dog! We have one dog that will eat through containers to get to his food. If you have a dog like that, you might want to get a small metal bucket like they sell for bird seed. You can get these at feed stores if you have a hard time finding them. If your dog is not like that, you can simply use a plastic feed storage bin. Make sure to bring enough food for your entire trip and a little extra in case your trip runs long.

Being able to confidently take your dog out of the car at rest stops and at your destination might be the most important travel item in your arsenal. Make sure you have a collar that is not too loose. You want to be able to place two fingers under the collar, but make sure that no matter how hard your dog pulls, it cannot come over his head. To be sure, it is best to use a properly fitted harness that is attached to his collar. Harnesses will be harder to pull out of and by attaching this to the collar you have an extra measure of protection in case your dog does pull free. Even the most well trained dog can become frightened if a semi drives by or a car honks its horn. There is nothing worse than seeing your dog run off into a busy highway.

Some leashes have special attachments that will allow you to hook the leash to a tree or pole.  This will be helpful at the campground or a picnic. Always remember to carry lots of poop bags! You will need enough for your entire trip. For a trip into nature you can pick up biodegradable bags that can be safely places in roadside garbage cans.

Hopefully with a few items and some nice weather you will be able to enjoy a vacation with your dog!

– Danielle Oudenhoven

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